Why are your teeth important? More than just about eating

Teeth have a major role in enhancing the quality of our lives. Indeed, they are more important to us in many ways than just eating. There are four types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Altogether they make a full set of adult teeth consisting of 32 teeth. We may have all 32, fewer, or more teeth than the natural.

  • Important for esthetics

It’s no secret that a bright smile can make our day better. Teeth determine one’s appearance and esthetics. They will decide even the shape of the face. A beautiful and healthy smile enhances our confidence and self-esteem. Shape, colour and the size of teeth will determine how young you look. They can influence our relationships, social lives, education, and careers.

  • Teeth aids in chewing

Teeth the chewing and biting efficiency of food thus helping in easy digestion. With the help of the tongue, teeth will make food into small particles and bolls to make the swing easy.

  • Important in speech

Without teeth, we cannot pronounce words properly. Therefore, teeth are essential for speech, articulation, and phonation.

  • Guide jaw movements

Teeth guide our mouths to do the opening, closing, front, back, and side movements of the jaw with the help of the muscles and the jaw joints.

  • To express emotions

More importantly, teeth are essential for facial expressions. Teeth can say how happy or sad we are.

Naturally, we all start to lose our teeth when we age. However, early loss of teeth due to caries, gum disease, or trauma makes life difficult. No matter how luxurious the tooth replacement option you use, no artificial tooth will feel or function like your natural teeth. So, following regular dental hygiene practices is the key to maintaining a healthy set of teeth.

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